✍ A writing group

Continuing the discussion from :coffee: :electric_plug: Espresso Hour! Another coffee hour for those interested in tech & programming side of things:

I’m very much on board with this idea too. Something about winter setting in is kicking my writing plans in the posterior. Perhaps we could just use our friendly Gather.Town account to run this?

What times work for people?

@ldg @rgriscom @Grant @meaganvigus @Andrew_Harvey , anybody else?


This sounds great. The cold weather makes me want to bake and not write all day.

I’m on Mountain Time and my schedule is pretty open, with the exception of Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

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We might need a doodle poll!

I’m CET (GMT+1), so in terms of times that are accessible for people as far as the west coast in the U.S., I’m generally available GMT 4:00-8:00 PM every day except Thursday.


A doodle poll sounds like a good idea! I’d probably be available doing work hours in GMT+11.

I’m currently on East Africa time (GMT +3), and as long as this will be during waking hours, if I know far enough in advance I can attend.

If I understand this time zone comparison correctly, there is one hour in the day that might work for everyone (except Andrew :frowning: ). It is a bit early for Grant, too (7:00).

One alternative would be to have two different writing/working groups, one for Europe/Africa + North America, and the other for North America + Australia/Asia.




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I could do 7am once a week. Two groups is probably more feasible, but then how many people would be in each group?

@Siri and I used this simple site to plan a meeting for a SSILA panel, it seems to be working well:

Shall we try it and set up 2 times?

Sure - let’s give it a shot and get something set up.
I’m keen to see this up and running!

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Here they are!

Docling North America + Europe Writing Group: https://www.when2meet.com/?10526048-rJIYZ

Docling North America + Asia Writing Group: https://www.when2meet.com/?10526059-5ZLHT

IMPORTANT: Fill out the times you are available Monday through Friday in GMT, not your local time!


I’ve replied! Hopefully I managed all the time zone conversions correctly… :slight_smile:

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Great, a few people have filled them out now, but we’ll wait a little bit more to make sure everyone has a chance to answer.

Also, for those who are in North America, you can sign up for either or both writing groups. And sorry for the overgeneralized/underspecified geographic labels :stuck_out_tongue:


One more day to sign up for the writing groups! :sunglasses: I will then announce the times and the first meeting dates.


OK, here are the results!

Docling North America + Europe Writing Group
Time: 5-7 PM GMT every Monday, starting December 21st
URL: https://gather.town/app/UxfcZZHV1l6KBFdc/Docling-Writing-Group
Notes: Unfortunately Andrew and Marti’s availabilities are mutually exclusive :frowning:

Docling Europe + Asia Writing Group
Time: 6-8 AM GMT every Wednesday, starting December 23rd
URL: https://gather.town/app/UxfcZZHV1l6KBFdc/Docling-Writing-Group
Notes: What?! Where did the North America + Asia group go? No one from North America filled out this link, but Andrew (Africa) did, so I have switched it to Europe/Africa + Asia/Australia. We can try again to set up a NA + Asia group if there is interest, though.

At the beginning of each writing/working group meeting we say hello and chat for a few minutes while everyone joins the meeting. A few minutes after the start, we go around and each person shares what they have been working on during the past seven days and what they plan to work on during the two-hour session. After everyone has done this, we begin working silently until 10 minutes before the end of the two-hour period. You can turn your video off or leave it on if you want to. We then reconvene and share our progress during the two-hour period and what we hope to work on during the week. That’s it!

The groups can be relatively open for new participants. Above a certain number of people (~7 or 8) it becomes easier to break into smaller groups, which we can do easily in Gather.


Just wanted to say that the reason I wasn’t at the North America writing group today was because I failed at cross time zone conversion ^^;;

This has been fixed. I will actually be present next time! :see_no_evil:

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It was great! We look forward to seeing you.

Thanks @rgriscom for all the heavy lifting.

Thanks yes I think it went quite well! No worries, @SarahDopierala, we will see you next time! The international times have been posted in a separate thread so that @pathall can post them to the top of the main forum page.

If anyone wants to set up a second North America writing group (e.g. with Oceania/Asia), just let me know.


Hi all - I’m looking forward to today’s writing group!


Yes, me too! See you guys there.