A transliteration interface for Zenzontepec Chatino (and other languages soon)


Here’s an interface that @Eric tells me has been useful for him, a transliteration interface for converting between many orthographies used for various reasons for Zenzontepec Chatino.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? I’m planning to create a more generic version of this where the transliteration table is editable. There are of course also some kinds of transliteration relationships that are tricky to represent with a simple table data mode like this, but by the same token there are many situations where the relationships are pretty straightforward, and a tool like this can alleviate some pain.

Can you paste whole tables in there? Looks cool!
At MPI, my colleagues and I who work on comparative/historical stuff sometimes feel like all we do is write Orthography Profiles (i.e. mappings from source orthographies to some kind of IPA) :wink:
We do them in tsv files, so that later they can implemented in a python workflow from LingTyp

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