👄 A really interesting “supercut” interface for searching English pronunciation

This is a cool idea:

You can listen to many instances of random English words in context via this interface. I confess that I was not certain about the pronunciation of the name of the country Tanzania (which we discussed a lot in our first coffee hour, given that @rgriscom and @Andrew_Harvey have worked so extensively there!). There are over 1000 instances of the word retrievable via Youglish.

Wikipedia gives the pronunciation as


But a footnote adds:

This approximates the Kiswahili pronunciation. However, /tænˈzeɪniə/ is also heard in English.

But to judge from the content on Youglish, /tænˈzeɪniə/ is far and few between — in fact, I haven’t found a single instance.

Obviously, Youglish seems to be targeting English language learners. But I think this kind of “supercut” interface is one that we could really benefit from in documentation. If we have time-aligned texts, it shouldn’t be that hard to create.

Very cool! However I will note that the very first word I looked up didn’t classify the speaker’s accent/variety of English correctly.

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Huh, what word was it? I wonder if they classify based on the account of the poster, as opposed to actually classifying the audio of the speech?

“thirteen”, UK

(it wouldn’t let me post just that, too short)