A first thrash through the Wikidata Lexeme project

Continuing the discussion from Anyone here have experience with Wikidata?, where @aryaman mentioned the Lexeme project on Wikidata. I thought it was worth taking some notes on this, as it seems to be a big project.


Here’s the description from the documentation page:

Wikidata Lexeme Forms is a tool to create a Lexeme with a set of Forms, e. g. the declensions of a noun or the conjugations of a verb, or to edit the Forms of an existing Lexeme.

I confess that I often find Wikimedia projects bewildering, and this one is… well, no exception. Here’s another apparently relevant front page:


Poking through a bit, the front page is an index of editing interfaces for word classes in many languages:

So editing an English “noun” instance looks like this:

It looks like the documentation for what this form means is here:


Here’s a considerably more complex form for a Latvian noun (Presumably, given the appearance of nominatīvs, nominatīvs, ģenitīvs, ģenitīvs, datīvs… Heheh, neat, the interface is in Latvian!):

So… where is the stuff?

So this project is handling editing of structred lexical data — where is it actually rendered? I have found this:


…which is quite… opaque.

Hmm. So there’s a search box, I can search for house and I get:

Mmm… hmm.

Okay, uh, if I Ctrl-F ‘house’ I eventually get here:

Okay, finally, this is pretty interesting. Lots of Wikidata-style stuff.

German zum Wohnen dienendes und genutztes Gebäude oder Struktur
English structure built or serving as an abode of human beings
Spanish edificación destinada a vivienda
Hausa gida
Hungarian ház
Japanese 人間の住居として建築または提供される構造物
Malay rumah
Swedish byggnad med rum, avsedd att ge skydd mot omvärlden för allehanda mänskliga aktiviteter.
Chinese (China) 指供人类居住、从事社会活动或供其他用途的建筑物

Still though, in general, I am a little dizzy from this. :dizzy_face:

I guess the “real” interface is SPARQL?

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