A command-line tool for running OCR on PDFs: Simon Willison


This tool is on the techier end of the spectrum of things we talk about around here, but I suspect it might be of interest to those dealing with large, legacy PDF files:

Simon is, among other gurudoms, a Python guru, and makes stuff so cool that even a Javascript addict like myself always checks out! (I mean, he is also a Javascript guru. Anyway.)

The idea here is that you upload a PDF to a “bucket” (essentially a cloud-based directory) on Amazon S3, and then use their separate service (“Textract”) to do the OCR. I was surprised to see that the description of the page claims that they can recognize handwriting.

As always, Simon’s writeup on how to use his s3-ocr tool is very clear. If anyone here ends up giving it a try, a post-mortem would be very interesting.

The before/after example is not perfect (to my eyes, it’s not as good as Transkribus, but it’s pretty compelling:

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Brooke 9.97
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